EVOC excels yet again: The brand’s BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO was presented with the Red Dot Award 2015 for its high design quality and innovative strength in the latest competition. Following the awards for the FR PRO TEAM (2011), CP 26l (2013) and PROTECTOR JACKET (2014), this prize marks EVOC’s fourth precision landing. The Red Dot award is an internationally acknowledged quality certification for product design.


Not only does EVOC have a reason to party, but the award itself turns 60 this year. In the latest competition, the international expert jury discussed and evaluated 4928 entries from 56 countries. The jury is the heart of the Red Dot award – their expertise is a guarantee of the high level of quality of the competition and as a result, the significance of the distinctive red dot. This point definitely goes to EVOC. Thank you!


In 2008, we introduced our first BIKE TRAVEL BAG – and revolutionized travelling by bike. For the 2015 season, we are launching the newly developed BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO, the lightest bike travel bag on the market. Next-level bike travel, so to speak. Thanks to a number of innovations, this second-generation bike bag is not only lighter and sturdier but also more comfortable than our top seller. The product requirements to our development team were clear: The new BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO had to be even lighter, sturdier and more comfortable. Not a simple task. This is one of the main reasons we developed our tried and tested design further. The new bike travel bag also turned out to be a hybrid solution, combining the benefits of a hardtop case with those of a soft storage bag – for maximum protection and even lower weight. We focused on the development of signature frame components. And, as a result, the new BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO offers a series of technical innovations. So here goes:


btb pro tech

Die Anforderungen an unsere Produktentwickler waren klar: Noch leichter, noch stabiler und noch komfortabler sollte sie werden, die neue BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO – keine einfache Aufgabe. Nicht zuletzt deshalb entwickelten wir unser bewährtes Konzept weiter. So ist auch die neue Radreisetasche eine Hybridlösung: Sie vereint die Vorteile eines Hartschalenkoffers mit denen einer soften Packtasche und bietet maximalen Schutz bei nochmals minimiertem Gewicht. Im Fokus: die Entwicklung eigener Rahmenteile. Dementsprechend wartet die neue BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO mit einigen technischen Neuerungen auf. Los geht’s:


MONOQUOCE WHEEL CHASSIS – that’s the new wide chassis. Moulded in one piece, this chassis offers superior no-tilt characteristics while guaranteeing an extremely comfortable rolling behaviour thanks to new, smooth-running, noiseless wheels. Two aluminium rods – ALUMINIUM SIDE RAILS – stretch along the entire base length of the bag, as an extension of the chassis. They add extra stability to the BIKE TRAVEL BAG PROand protect the new, lightweight and yet sturdy MOULDED BOTTOM CASE, an EVA base plate that has been formed from a single piece. As a result, bikes are always on solid ground while on the road. The base construction now only contains three components and provides the foundation of the new BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO.


In addition, the bag boasts a new handle design – the ALUMINIUM FRONT HANDLE SYSTEM. It’s lightweight, rests comfortably in the hand and offers excellent rolling comfort. Numerous additional handles on all sides facilitate loading of the bag. And, to make travelling even slightly more comfortable in true EVOC style, we have developed a little extra feature for when the bag is fully packed and consequently extremely heavy: The CLIP-ON WHEEL, which is simply clipped onto the ALUMINIUM FRONT HANDLE SYSTEM to make the bag stand on three wheels in no time at all. Please note: When travelling by plane you will have to remove the third wheel since it could get damaged or lost. We have also integrated another innovation: The DISK PROTECTION, an EVA padding that’s been shaped to protect – as the name implies – the disks. The BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO includes a ROAD BIKE ADAPTER for secure transport of racing bikes, as well as the FRAME PAD for reliable frame protection.

Besides all this you can look forward to all the classic EVOC features: The bag is set up using fibre-glass reinforced plastic rods (stabilizers) and two plastic rods in each wheel compartment. By embedding the stabilizers directly in the base unit we have enhanced both the bag’s torsional stiffness and its impact resistance. The upright position of the frame in the bag means that the robust parts of the bike (saddle, seat post and rear end as well as the front end, head tube and fork) are used to actively absorb pressure. Sensitive areas, on the other hand, are reliably protected by means of practical reinforcements and padding. Convenience comes with the rods and tubes being removable so that the BIKE TRAVEL BAG PRO can be folded to a height of only 30 centimetres for storage.