EVOC products are distributed in the United States by QARV Imports LLC. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a question about our products, warranty, customer service, etc., we invite you to contact us using the information below.

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Product Support

Download this PDF  FR Protection Pack Sizing Guide



The Seller warrants that the products are free of any defect in workmanship and material. The warranty period for all products shall be 24 months. The warranty period for defects that can be discovered by the Buyer shall start as of the date of delivery. For any other defect, the warranty period shall commence upon delivery of the products to the end user. The Buyer shall be obliged to inspect the products immediately after their arrival at the point of destination. Delivery shall be deemed accepted if QARV Imports, LLC does not receive a written notice of defect within 6 business days, or in case of hidden defects, within 3 months, after the arrival of the products at the point of destination. The Buyer shall notify QARV Imports, LLC forthwith and in writing of any defects discovered and in any case, no later than 6 business days after delivery or notification by the end user. In case the operating and assembly instructions given by the Seller are not complied with, the products are changed or altered, parts thereof are replaced or materials are used which do not meet the original specifications, any warranty claims shall be forfeited. The warranty shall not cover any parts subject to normal wear and tear. Should the notice of defect be legitimate, QARV Imports, LLC may, at its option, request that: a) if the product can be fixed by the Buyer, QARV Imports, LLC will send all necessary repairs parts for the Buyer to fix the defect; b) that the product be returned freight prepaid to the Seller for repair; or c) that the Buyer arrange for the repair by a qualified local entity and invoice QARV Imports, LLC for any approved costs incurred. Non-conforming products shall be returned to the Seller, with the original delivery note or a copy thereof. The above provisions shall be the exclusive warranty given by the Seller for its products.  Except with respect to the foregoing warranty, no other warranty claims may be brought against the Seller.   


QARV Imports, LLC shall be liable for its actions only in the event of intentional misconduct or gross negligence on the part of QARV Imports, LLC. Claims for reimbursement asserted against QARV Imports, LLC owing to the defective condition of the products shall be limited to intentional misconduct and gross negligence.  Absent intentional misconduct or gross negligence, QARV Imports, LLC shall not be responsible for any damages, including, without limitation, personal injuries and damages to property, due to defects in its products or upon other grounds.  QARV Imports, LLC's liability for damages resulting from its intentional misconduct or gross negligence shall be limited to the net invoiced value of the product that was defective or otherwise caused the damages.  Liability for property damage due to a defective product incurred by the Buyer as an entrepreneur shall be excluded.  The Buyer shall be obliged to pass on this limitation-of-liability clause to its customers, in QARV Imports, LLC’s favour and in the same wording.  If the Buyer fails to do so, the Buyer shall be obliged to pay any claim for damages. The limitation of product liability shall apply to products as well as packing materials.


If your EVOC purchase is damaged, please visit your EVOC dealer with the damaged product and your purchase receipt.


1. Clean product (following accompanying care instructions)

2. Take product to dealer or return to online shop (please provide either the original invoice or a copy thereof to the dealer or online shop)

3. Product is sent by dealer to QARV Imports, LLC

4. QARV Imports, LLC will process the claim

5. Product is sent back to specialist dealer or online shop

6. Product is sent back to you / available for collection

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